Packing for a five-month study abroad trip to Buenos Aires


I basically finished packing today and got everything to fit inside my suitcase, weighing 44 pounds. I thought I would take the time today to explain how and what I packed for my 19-week long study abroad trip in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


I packed 19 tops, seven dresses, four pants, two skirts, eight pairs of shoes, three jackets, three T-shirts for pajamas, a hat, sunglasses, a purse and a backpack for school. I’ll be honest, I probably overpacked. I do not need 19 tops, but oh well. I also could have eliminated a pair of shoes. My motto is if it fits, then I’ll take it. Using the bundling method, I packed all my tops into one packing cube, and did the same for my dresses and pants. Everything fit nicely into my suitcase. Here’s a picture of everything packed. packing-2

My makeup bag, shoes, clothes and a gift for my host family all fit! Hopefully I can fit some souvenirs in here to take back with me from Argentina. Besides this suitcase, the only other bags I’m taking is a carry-on bag, which will hold my prized supply of contacts and important papers, and a purse.

Now that I have finished packing, my trip is becoming more real, and it is starting to dawn on me how soon I’m leaving. I can’t wait to walk the streets of Buenos Aires, eat all the different foods and make friends with Argentines. Five more days!


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