Welcome to My Blog

This blog is where I’ll be posting photos of my study abroad trip to Buenos Aires, stories and some other interesting things.

I’ve had my heart set on studying abroad in Buenos Aires since fall of my freshman year at Ohio University. Since high school, I knew that I wanted to study abroad, and it’s crazy that it’s actually happening! When deciding where I wanted to study abroad, I was limited to a Spanish-speaking country because that was the language I had been practicing since middle school. Feeling as though many people study abroad in Spain, I wanted to go somewhere off the beaten path.

I was between Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Cusco, Peru. The main reason I was interested in Cusco was because it was near Machu Picchu, a landmark I have always wanted to hike to. I finally made the decision to study abroad in Buenos Aires. Some qualities that attracted me to the city and country were the cuisine (I have always been a big fan of steak) and the many activities available.

I am beyond excited to be starting this adventure! From what I have learned so far, Buenos Aires is a large, bustling city that is a melting pot of different cultures. I can’t wait to experience the Argentinian culture and learn about the country’s history.

I will be studying abroad for five months, and I hope this blog will serve as a kind of journal/diary to log my experiences studying abroad. This blog will also be a destination for my parents to make sure I’m still alive. Feel free to check in at any time to see what I’ve been up to!



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